What else is missing in our personal and communal conversion?

In a recente message from Fr. Louis Lougen, OMI, superior general, the following caught my attention:

  • "The Mission is God’s. As missionaries, we are simply called and sent in life-giving interaction with a passionate God
    • We may have retreated into inertia by a sense of being overwhelmed with the reality of the poor today, the power of mass media over society, the seduction of technological globalization and the indifference or antagonism toward religion/Church/God in our society. 
    • We must rekindle our faith in small things done with God’s power which topple Goliath or the walls of Jericho. Our faith sees the effect of the small mustard seed, the yeast in the dough and the power of the cross. Do we believe?"
    • "Saint Eugene’s heart embraced the poor and whenever he saw needs, he began to act and organize a response. His heart belonged to God and so it belonged to the poor."
    • "We must discern priorities and we will evangelize through small Gospel actions in favor of the poor. I am convinced that such evangelization is in and through the witness of a discerning community."
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